Updated 10/10/2018

For all, bookings must be made in advance.

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Soi 31 / Sukhumvit area

Term 1: Aug 20th - Dec 15th 2018 (16 weeks).

See our fees here.

Make-up class: Sunday AM, November 25th (for all 30 mins & 45 mins classes).  Mum & Baby classes can make up at other baby class times.

  1. October camp is coming up soon!  During 22nd - 26th Oct.  This means that whenever we have camp, we do not have our regular English schedule, so no regular swimming lessons are on this week (Monday 22nd - Saturday 27th October).  Camp will still be running on Tuesday, 23rd October.  You can now book online!
  2. We will be closed Monday, 15th October and Wednesday, 5th December.  See our calendar here. 
  3. If you have lessons in Japanese, they are off 15th October and Tuesday 23rd October, due to a bank holiday.

Term 2: Jan 7th - Apr 6th 2018 (13 weeks)

New Locations

We teach at various schools and condos.  If you are interested for us to teach near you, please get in touch.  For example, if we were to visit your condo, we require an interest of approximately 8-10 kids.  We do currently do not have private lessons on our English schedule.

ISB / Nichada area

Term 1: Aug 20th - Dec 15th 2018 (16 weeks).

See our fees here.

Make-up class on Saturday PM, November 24th (for all 30 mins & 45 mins classes). 1 hour classes can join other 1 hour classes to make-up.

  1. We will NOT be teaching at Nichada on the following dates; Monday 15th, Thursday 25th, and Saturday 27th OctoberSee our calendar here.

Term 2: January 7th - June 8th 2018 (21 weeks)

Last updated: 10/10/2018