LETS Swimming Gala

Swim Gala
LETS ASIA holds Family Fun Swimming Gala at St. Andrews. With events for everyone 3 years up including Moms and Dads. We also have lunch and FUN events for the children. It is a great fun to give the children a REASON to learn to swim. Lots of Medals for the participants and a t-shirt for everyone! This Gala is open for members of LETS ASIA only.

Upcoming Event - 26th May 2019

This race is a swimming only event. Races will be based on level, as well as age and gender.  When signing up, it is important that you know which race you are signing up for.  If you are not sure of which race to enter, please check with your swimming teacher first.  Choose up to 3 races, with an additional fun free race of your choosing.

Our next swimming gala will be on Sunday, May 26th at St. Andrew's High School, Ekkamai campus. Please do not confuse this with our last year location of soi 71 campus.  The pool is 25m long, with staff in and out of the water to help supervise. The event will take place on a Sunday morning.

You will be given a registration number, please use this upon entry to St.Andrew's with our LETS ASIA staff.  Please do not confuse your registration number with your race number.  You will find out your race number on the day (a couple of days before, once the list has been organized and finalized).  Registration will begin at 8.00.  Warm-up is from 8.00 - 8.15am.  It is not necessary for younger kids to warm-up, but if you do decide to enter the water at this time, parents must watch their children.

Races will now start at 8.30 (30 minutes earlier than most years).  The first event will most likely be the IM 100 race, followed by A1 Kickboard with Board 25m (Boys & Girls) 3 yrs.  If your child has entered the A1 race, please be ready to start swimming at 8.30am. Relay races will be the last events of the day.

Last year the event started earlier than all our previous years, due to the amount of interest.  The 2017 + 2018 event finished as scheduled by 12.30, however due to growing interest we will say it will be finished by 1.00pm, after medals and trophies.  Medals will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. There will be no medals for fun family races, as these races should not be taken seriously, as little ones can join in on the fun with mum and dad, or their siblings.

Race participants have lunch included (Snack at 10.30, lunch at 11.00), but if you are not racing, food will be an additional 150 baht.  Drinks sold separately.  Race participants are as young as 3 years, all the way up to adult (mum or dad) races.  Prices below have been updated for this year's Swim Gala (2019);

  • Entry: 1,000 baht
  • Food: 150 baht

As always, please do not forget your own swimming costume (Very important)!  Sun cream and sun hat are also recommended!  If parents are getting in the water on this day, you will need your swimsuit also!  Goggles, swim hat, towel, shampoo is optional.  St. Andrew's pool do not require you to wear a swim hat.  St. Andrew's have a couple of female and male sport's style changing rooms, at both entrances to the pool, with toilets and showers for guests.  Last year, we made a map and guide, to help customers.  We are most likely to do the same, posting it on this web page and facebook page.

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